Main Street is building the future of small business creation.

At Main Street, we believe that everyone deserves an equal shot at the American dream. Join us as we even the playing field and build a new pathway to socioeconomic mobility.

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We’re a product similar to Shopify

Our goal from day one has been to enable and make the process of starting a business simple and easy for our customers. We want to help you begin your entrepreneurial journey with the right set of tools and resources. Similar to Shopify, our platform will remove the headache of dealing with multiple parties and provide all services in one place.

Our customer is former corporate

Our customers should spend more time making money and not managing a complicated back office. Our back-end technology incorporates estimation tooling, invoicing, payment, and customer relationship management. From engaging in a potential job to serving a customer for life, Main Street has our customers covered.

We start with painting and
home services

We provide best-in-class lead generation services to all of our customers - something that no franchiser can claim. Our owners save the highly opaque ~10% “marketing fee” that a franchiser might charge. An owner whose business is Powered by Main Street simply needs to hire, convert leads, and complete jobs.

Today we help people launch three types of businesses


Start a home painting business

Painting business owners do not have to be expert painters. In fact, many of our owners had no painting experience prior to working with Main Street. You can run a highly successful painting business wtih the right knowledge, strategies and a team.


Launch a Technology Powered Roofing Business

Roofing is a highly attractive business model that has a low investment, fast ramp-up, small number of staff and outdated competition


Launch a Technology Powered Roofing Business

Roofing is a highly attractive business model that has a low investment, fast ramp-up, small number of staff and outdated competition

Windows & Doors

Start a Windows & Doors Business

We're quickly expanding, with windows & doors

Coming soon.

Here are the values that drive how we redefine business creation

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

We build on the shoulders of giants. If we have an idea, we spend 2 hours researching instead of 20 hours guessing.

Managers of One

We do not work well with people who need a lot of instruction

No Limits

Company decisions are not bound by the Overton Window. We are willing to consider the unorthodox and weigh the trade offs.

Builders First

We work best with people that approach problems from a hacker mindset. Folks that want to throw away the playbook.

No Free Seats

Building a company is hard work, and every colleague at Main Street contributes like crazy. Nobody will hold you back.

We're supported by a best-in-class investor group

Why We Exist

Over 60% of Americans want to own a business. But why don’t more pursue their dreams? The technology exists, the information is online, and ideas are a dime a dozen. For aspiring small business owners, the problem is that starting a business requires too much sacrifice; it’s either too long time-to-value (“going solo” is often a strenuous expedition) or too expensive (franchises require $100K or more in initial financing).

The value of a modern franchisor lies in its brand and process know-how. They know how to source a product. They know what systems to use. They know what ingredients or formula to use to produce a product. Prior to the internet, the distribution of this information was labor intensive which is why they got away with a six figure price tag. But the internet dramatically lowered the cost of distribution and has the ability to level the playing field. We are in a digital world where keeping the “know-how” behind the steel curtains of the franchisor inhibits economic development, but franchisors have yet to adopt.

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