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We value talent and experience over degrees and titles. We think interviewing is mostly a game about who is good at interviewing. We want people who can wow us with their work – not just look good on the paper. We believe sharing knowledge and learning together. That's why we hire through challenges, not traditional hiring process. We want you to show us – and others – what you've got.



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Do you know a candidate who will be the right fit for Main Street? Go ahead and refer them with three simple steps. Just don't forget to ask them to add your name when they fill our form. Once we hire the candidate and he/she has worked with Main Street for three months, we pay you the promised amount! It's that simple.

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Our Process Is Simple: Challenge First, Interview Second, Offer Third

It's a simple three part process. You find the right role, complete the challenge that simulates the role, submit the solution file in the form below, and wait to hear your results. If your assignment is selected, we will make you an offer with a competitive salary and lucrative equity. Once accepted, you can start making impact from Day 1.

Most Of Our Team Is In India and US

Most of our team members come from the world's oldest democracy (the USA) and the world's largest democratic country (India). Main Street believes in bringing the most talented people from all around the world. Emerging markets such as India have delivered many growth stories, and we are forthcoming in learning from them. We are building a culture of collaboration and seamless processes that allow people to work across borders.


We're On A Mission To Make Life A Fair Game

We’re building a company that solves for the mission that the internet promised: evening the playing field and unlocking. socioeconomic mobility. With Main Street, our market is truly unlimited. We’re building a company with consumer level demand against an enterprise value customer. We’re a product similar to Meesho with a customer similar to an Oyo owner (before starting a hotel) in a go to market industry similar to Urban Clap.

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We're built differently: here are the values that drive how we work.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

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No Limits

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No Free Seats

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