Founders' Letter

Over 60% of Americans want to own a business. But why don’t more pursue their dreams? The technology exists, the information is online, and ideas are a dime a dozen. For aspiring small business owners, the problem is that starting a business requires too much sacrifice; it’s either too long time-to-value “going solo” is often a strenuous expedition or too expensive franchises require $100K or more in initial financing.

The value of a modern franchisor lies in its brand and process know-how. They know how to source a product. They know what systems to use. They know what ingredients or formula to use to produce a product. Prior to the internet, the distribution of this information was labor intensive which is why they got away with a six figure price tag. But the internet dramatically lowered the cost of distribution and has the ability to level the playing field. We are in a digital world where keeping the “know-how” behind the steel curtains of the franchisor inhibits economic development, but franchisors have yet to adopt.

Technology companies haven’t exactly focused on delivering for the entrepreneur either. Uber drivers continue to be squeezed between a massive corporation and the happiness of that corporation’s revenue-generating riders. Complaints of taskers on Task Rabbit are astonishingly high. Restaurants are getting destroyed by delivery. Emerging digital marketplaces in the 2000’s (eBay, for example) have created “money out of nowhere” for micro entrepreneurs by connecting buyers and sellers of products and services that otherwise might not have been connected. But these marketplaces focus on the transaction, not the individuals participating in the transaction. They tend to ignore the needs of the micro entrepreneurs, referring to them often as “supply”

We believe the next big opportunity for innovation is the democratization of information that fosters success throughout the service or supply chain. We’re creating a platform for true entrepreneurship. Bill Gates has said that a platform exists when the economic value of its users exceed the value of the company that creates it. Our platform is the aesthetic layer that connects aspiring entrepreneurs with the best tools to start, run and operate their own business.

Our mission is to make life a fair game for everyone. We decentralize and organize information to create opportunities for people to start and run a successful business.

- Danilo Vicioso & John Salzarulo